Rooftop Vibe at Avec on H Street

by Aug 5, 2021

Avec offers its residents the perfect place to spend the remaining days of summer!

The start of August means that summer is quickly coming to an end. However, before we say goodbye to our beloved warm season, there are still several ways to take advantage of the time we have left. As an Avec resident, this means spending as much time as possible on our two-block long rooftop, soaking in all of the good energy! To help make things simpler, we have come up with a comprehensive list of how you can set the scene for the perfect end-of-summer rooftop vibe at Avec on H Street Apartments, no matter if it’s the daytime or the evening. This way, you don’t have to waste any more time thinking about what you will do with your remaining weeks of summer. We have you covered! 


POOL: A daytime rooftop experience at Avec has to be centered around the rooftop pool! For residents that haven’t spent as much time in the pool as they would have liked this summer, this is a great way to make amends. 

A way to add another fun element to your daytime pool experience is to bring your own floaty and take some pictures while you enjoy a dip. Of course, the more decorative the floaty is, the better the image will turn out.

FAMILY/FRIENDS: Invite your friends/family over on the weekend and make an entire pool and grill day out of it! Prep your favorite foods for the grilling stations, mix up some drinks, listen to some tunes, overlook amazing DC views, and then simply relax while enjoying each other’s company as the day begins to wind down. 

Our outdoor seating areas will make it easy for your friends/family to be near each other while eating.  

Please remember that the guest policy allows for two guests per leaseholder of the apartment. If you have any questions about this the guest policy, please contact the Avec leasing office at 202-465-7089

GAMES: After everyone gets done swimming and eating, create some memories by playing various games. Our two-block long rooftop is surely big enough for you to find an excellent area for everyone to interact.


FIREPITS: A nighttime rooftop experience at Avec isn’t complete until you get cozy under the firepits. This setting is perfect for an intimate atmosphere with one person or a small group. Incorporate a nice cup of wine and let the vibe create itself! 

NIGHT VIEWS: Views from the Avec rooftop are good in the daytime, but they’re even better when it’s dark outside! Witness amazing views of the Washington Monument, The Capitol, and more! There’s something about seeing DC at night that will make you want to stare forever. 

OUTDOOR LIVING ROOMS: Our outdoor living room spaces are perfect for a romantic summer night vibe. Get tucked away under the covered area, and you will soon find yourself in your own world enjoying the warm summer air. Then, add another layer by bringing a small speaker to curate your night with music. 

We all knew the summer was going to pass quickly, don’t be the person that regretted not taking advantage of incredible rooftop vibes while you had the chance!

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