DC Apartments with washer and dryer 

Avec on H Street takes washers and dryers to the next level 

At Avec, your apartment living experience is more than the amenities at the community, or the square footage of your apartment. The precise details were at the forefront of our minds when selecting each and every detail of your apartment.

We prided ourselves on making sure your apartment was not only visually appealing but also equally equipped with the highest quality appliances. Our goal was to ensure you that your everyday life would be as convenient as you need it to be.

An example of this convenience is our FULL SIZE, front-loading, laundry machines. Each apartment at The Avec comes complete with a personal GRADE-A Energy Star washer and dryer. These machines are handcrafted to make your laundry process more efficient than the average washer and dryer.

The washers are designed to successfully get your clothes cleaner at a faster rate, and the dryers are equipped to give your clothes a crisp dry feel without the hassle of having to run multiple cycles. Are you tired of only being able to fit 3 pairs of jeans and a t-shirt in your current washing machine? This issue will officially be a thing of the past when you decide to live at The Avec.

Your washers and dryers at The Avec are also energy efficient. Not only can you get through your loads faster, but you’re also saving money on your water and electricity bills at the same time.

We take your laundry convenience one step further inside of our two-bedroom apartments: Our two bedroom apartments all have the W/D features previously mentioned, plus a couple of added benefits: The washers and dryers are structured to be side by side of each other, and sit below an extended laundry station. Here you will easily be able to fit all of your laundry products, extra towels, and extra clothes in a convenient location.

When you live at the Avec, saying you have an in-unit washer and dryer is an understatement.

Helpful Washer/Dryer Tips:

Never overload: While your in-unit washer is equipped to occupy large loads, it’s important to remember that there still is such a thing as overloading. Balance out your loads accordingly to ensure the most quality washing cycle.

Perform Periodic Maintenance Washes: Two to three times a year, run the washer without any clothes in the drum. Run on the hottest cycle using the normal amount of detergent. These regular maintenance washes will keep the machine and drain pipes clean and free from dirt, grease and hard-water salts buildup.

Don’t Overload the Dryer: This is good advice for your dryer as well as your washer. You may think you can cram your dryer with more than one load and save time, but the opposite is true. Your clothes need the circulation of hot air to dry, and overstuffing impedes this circulation and increases the drying time. Balance out your loads to get the best performance out of your dryer.

Use Liquid Fabric Softener: Though dryer sheets are cheap, they leave residue in the dryer that can clog vents and reduce dryer efficiency. Liquid fabric softener, used during the washing cycle, is better for your dryer.