Apartment living can be hard to keep up with sometimes; from announcement emails, processing maintenance requests, or remembering passwords to pay your rent every month. We understand that it can be overwhelming. What if there was a place you that could go on your phone to make everything a little simpler? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Welcome to The WC Smith phone app! This application is a helpful way to improve how you interact with our on-site team. With this service, you will be provided with instant access to manage all of your apartment needs. At last! One central place where everything is at your fingertips.


Here are some features you will benefit from while using The WC Smith phone app:


1. Streamlined Communication

 Improved communication with you, and your on-site team. Community messages will be pushed straight to your phone.

 2. Rent Payments

 Pay your rent and access all of your rent payments from the interactive rent dashboard.

 3. Lease Renewal Paperwork

 You will now be able to sign your next lease renewal more conveniently than ever! Review and sign your next renewal right on your mobile device.

 4. Maintenance Requests

 Maintenance requests made easier! Submit, comment, and view the status of your work orders.

 how do I access The WC Smith app?

You can easily download The WC Smith application through the App Store or Google Play by searching, “WC Smith Resident Experience” in the search column. 

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to enter the cell phone number associated with your resident account when you initially open the application so an authorization can be sent to you. Once the authorization code is submitted, you will have full access to all of the application features.





When is the WC Smith App going live?

We will implement The WC Smith phone application on August 26th, 2019. Please see the download links below






Who is the WC Smith App for?

 The WC Smith Resident App is for all current WC Smith Residents.


What is the WC Smith Resident App?

 A mobilized version of Rent Café Resident Portal available to all registered and current WC Smith Residents.


Is this app compatible with my phone?

 The WC Smith App is available to all apple and android device holders.


Do residents need to create a new log-in for the WC Smith Resident App?

 No, residents will use their existing resident portal credentials to log-in the app.


What can residents do in the app?

 Residents can do anything they would normally do in the resident portal.

 Examples include: Rent payments, Maintenance request, view community events and announcements, sign documents, and more!


Will I need to enter my password every time they open the app?

 No, you can use Touch ID and Face ID with iOS devices and Fingerprint ID and Trusted Face with Android devices to log in to the Resident app.


What do I do if I forgot my Log-in Credentials

 If you forgot your password, click the forgot password link under the log-in. you should receive an email to reset your password immediately.


If you believe you registered using the wrong email address, contact your leasing office to correct your email address and ask to be “re-invited to the resident portal.”


Can I sign my lease renewal through the WC Smith resident app?

 Yes, lease renewals can be signed in the app.


Does the app accept payments with digital wallet? What digital wallets are supported?

 Yes, you can use ApplePay with iOS devices and MasterPass with their iOS and Android devices.


Can I set up auto pay in the mobile app?

 Yes, automatic payments can be setup and scheduled in the WC Smith resident app.


Will I receive a receipt for payments made through WC Smith resident app?

 Yes, when you submit payments through the resident app, you’ll receive an auto responder stating the payment has been received, you can also view your payment history from the Recent Activity page.


Can I split payments with other occupants/roommates in the app?

 Yes, you can make a partial payment.


Can I submit maintenance request through the app?

 Yes, you can also see if the request has been completed and view previous service requests. Additionally you can provide more information by sharing a photo or voice memo when submitting a service request.


Can I contact site staff through the app?

 Yes, there is a contact us section in the app that will automatically allow you to call the community.