Let’s be honest—to so many of us, our furry friends are our family members. Especially to those of us who have lived alone during the pandemic, our pets have at times kept us sane. The ASPCA found in a 2021 study of over 5000 people that one in five households have welcomed a dog or a cat into their home since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With so many new pet parents (myself included), it can be overwhelming to make sure you have everything you need. I’m here to share with you the top 5 ‘must haves’ to keep your fur child as happy and comfortable as they’ve kept you during these occasionally isolating times.

The Furminator

This tool has been one of my best investments for my pet. After trying a plethora of different brushes, nothing really helped shed that winter coat as The Furminator did. One really great thing about this tool is that it comes in a variety of different sizes and is for both dogs AND cats. It really gets deep into their coat to remove excess fur and as an added bonus feels like a massage to your pet.


The ThunderShirt

Many new pet owners may not realize that their pets, especially dogs, are prone to sometimes high amounts of anxiety in different situations. This rings true especially for rescue pets that may have previously experienced stressful or traumatizing living situations. Couple that with thunderstorms or things like fireworks and you can find yourself with one nervous Fido. The ThunderShirt is essentially a pressure wrap for your pet, making them feel like they’re receiving one constant big hug during stressful situations.


Pee Pads

Whether you’re potty training your puppy, have an older dog, or your dog walker canceled on you last minute, every pet owner should have these at the ready. Think of them as a diaper, but for your floor. These little buddies will keep you from spending hours scrubbing floors and shampooing rugs every time your furry friend has an accident.


Pet Waste Bags with LED flashlight

Anybody who lives in a city knows how frustrating it is when pet owners don’t pick up after their pets. We get it, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve run out of the apartment for a potty break or walk forgetting to grab a waste bag. Leaving pet waste on the ground can attract rodents and even spread diseases that could affect your dog. Be part of the solution with this super handy product. One thing I love about this particular product is that it clips directly to the leash. As an added bonus—it’s even equipped with an LED flashlight which will come in handy when you’re making the occasional late-night potty run. For just $6, this could (and should!) be yours.


Casper Dog Bed

Looking to spoil your pet the way that they deserve? Casper, the company that brought us the mattress in a box model, has released a line of dog beds! They come in a variety of different sizes and even have a removable cover to keep your best friend’s bed fresh and comfy for years to come. Starting at just $140, it’s a worthy investment that will keep your dog cozy for years to come—so cozy, your cat might (read will) even commandeer it!


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