Apartment Tips For Moving in with your Partner

by Aug 13, 2021

Avec on H Street is a great place for you and your partner to call home.

You all are finally doing it! After countless nights of staying at each other’s apartments, you’ve decided to eliminate the back and forth and move in together! Moving in with your partner is an exciting time, but it requires a lot of organization and planning. At Avec on H Street Apartments, we have the perfect atmosphere for you to create a great life together! As you prepare to combine your life with your significant other, take a look at this curated list of essential moving-in-together tips for you and your partner! We hope these tips will help inspire you and your significant other to build an apartment home and atmosphere that you can be proud of.

Incorporate both of your lifestyles:

Ensuring that you and your partner’s personalities are represented inside the apartment home when you move in together is vital. Having this mindset will immediately create an atmosphere of a combined home space from the very beginning. Some easy ways to begin doing this can include letting your partner select which style of living room furniture, picking the color of the comforter set, or simply having some input on kinds of refrigerator magnets. 

Design something together:

Moving into a new space together means many new pieces of furniture coming into your apartment home. Use this opportunity to tap into your DIY prowess with your partner. Building your furniture together will help create fun memories at the start of your apartment living journey together. 

Map Out Home Tasks:

Mapping out the days each person will complete apartment tasks helps make life easier for both of you. This scheduling process will also help with the adjustment of getting used to each other’s day-to-day habits. For instance, are you a put the dishes in the dishwasher immediately kind of person…is your partner too? Or are they waiting until the sink is complete and then loading the dishwasher kind of schedule?  It’s best to talk about it now and set a house rule, so you aren’t driving each other bonkers.

Create a budget for apartment items:

There are two of you now, which means double the supplies. An easy life hack that will make life easier is setting aside a budget for apartment supplies from week to week. This budgeting habit is a great way to anticipate future apartment needs and also be able to adjust if an unforeseen apartment need comes up last minute. 

The closet is KING & QUEEN:

Okay, this is where it gets real. Dividing the closet space areas in your new apartment can either be a colossal stress or relief factor. Depending on your partner’s clothing and shoe size and shopping habits, dividing closet space can be more challenging for some than it is for others. Either way, creativity and strategy go a long way in making it work for both parties. 

Here are some excellent closet space allocation tips. 

Downsizing is your best friend:

Living in an apartment space means that you never have as much as you think you have. When you’re living with another person, this rule applies double. The best remedy to this ongoing issue is always finding ways to downsize. This means always being in a mindset to donate clothes you never wear or getting rid of old documents you don’t need. Down-sizing also means finding effective ways to create more room in your apartment home through creative multi-use storage.

You will never forget the first apartment you and your significant other lived in together. With these tips, you can help ensure that the beginning of your apartment journey starts in the best way possible at Avec on H Street Apartments. 

Need some help locating an apartment layout that is suitable for you and your partner? Click here to visit your floor-plans page. 

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