Retail within your community is the gift that keeps on giving. At Avec, this is no exception. We have several different retailers (and counting!), and as we approach pool and beach season, you might be wondering where to go to prepare those feet for open toed shoes and the summer weather. If you’re looking for a nail salon that makes you feel like you’re truly treating yourself without the hefty price tag, you’ll love Urban Nail Lounge. The best part? As a resident of Avec, you’re just steps away!


retail storefront of Urban Nail Lounge

Urban Nail Lounge At a Glance

From the moment you walk by the retail store front from the street, Urban Nail Lounge has an inviting, upscale feel. The soaring high ceilings and white marble interior give the space an airy feel while the long row of pedicure chairs invite you relax with your iced coffee while indulging in a spa pedicure. Urban Nail Lounge became one Avec’s on-site retail stores in 2021 and has been a staple for Avec residents and the H Street community ever since! Urban Nail Lounge offers a wide array of services from manicures and pedicures, to waxing and eyelash services. The prices are very reasonable as well with their standard pedicure option starting at just $37!


Why We Love Urban Nail Lounge

First and foremost, the service at Urban Nail Lounge is great. They’re very accommodating and have a substantial number of nail technicians to service such a busy area. As with any service, it’s always preferred to make an appointment (which you can easily do here), but walk-ins are also welcome. As a resident at Avec, having the ability to stroll out of your front door and into Urban Nail Lounge without having to drive across town or order an Uber is the ultimate convenience. Spa treatments are meant to be a relaxing experience, and having Urban Nail Lounge in the building ensures that you’re able to leisurely stroll home after your pedicure. As anyone in Washington DC knows, the prices of services can vary greatly from location to location, so it’s nice to know that you’re not paying a hefty premium for the convenience of a nail salon within the community. Lastly, given the newness, d├ęcor, and overall cleanliness of Urban Nail Lounge, it has a far more upscale curb appeal and feel than other nail salons in the area.

Having reliable services in the building makes a huge difference when selecting an apartment community, and Avec has several retailers and counting. Schedule your tour today at Avec to find your perfect home, and be sure to stop by Urban Nail Lounge after for some much-deserved pampering!